Why should you be a Volunteer Firefighter?

There are up to 36 members in the View Royal Fire Department, 7 career staff and up to 28 volunteers. We respond to approximately 800 calls for service annually and we’re good at what we do. Our volunteers come from every walk of life. They are office workers, construction workers, government employees, computer technicians, tradesmen, managers and students. They are your neighbours, men and women just like you who, for one reason or another took the initiative to give back to the community in which they live.

There are so many great reasons to become a volunteer. Some of those reasons will vary between individuals, while others remain constant. For nearly everyone, the number one reason is a genuine desire to help others in their greatest moments of need. View Royal Firefighters are highly trained and skilled to respond to all kinds of emergencies from heart attacks to structure fires, marine calls to motor vehicle accidents. There is no greater feeling than when those skills are used to save a life or someone’s home or business.

For others there may be a need to be part of the community and to get involved. View Royal Fire Department is very involved in our community. We not only respond to emergencies and routine calls, we provide fire prevention education through our schools and daycares and raise funds for worthy charities and our Hospitals. For a young person starting out in life, it might be the excitement that draws them in but they will soon find that membership provides them with a sense of pride and direction. Perhaps it could even lead to a career in one of the emergency service professions. Our member’s continuously strive to improve their skills and to advance our Department’s ability to respond effectively. Membership has its privileges. When you become a firefighter with View Royal Fire Rescue you will become part of an organization that has tremendous pride in itself and its accomplishments. We’ve been setting the standard since 1948 and are excited about the challenges facing us in the future. Outside the rigors of fire and rescue operations, you will also become part of a large social network where members become more like a family than co-workers. There is no doubt that as a member, you will meet many new people and make life long friends.

Age requirements

Applicants must be 19 years or older.

Back-ground checks

All applicants will have to submit a drivers abstract, criminal history check, reference checks as well as a Physician’s certificate indicating you are able to perform the functions associated with Fire and Rescue operations.

Cost & Expenses

The Department provides you with the gear and equipment necessary to perform your duties as a firefighter. The Department also provides dress uniforms, physical fitness facilities and all other essential items.


All training will be provided at no cost to you.


Generally, applicants live or own a business within the Town of View Royal. In certain cases individuals with their NFPA 1001 certification maybe accepted from outside the Town. However these cases are reviewed individually and would have to clearly benefit the Town and its Fire Department.

Time Commitment

Your probationary period will be the hardest! This is the first six months. You will be required to attend regular Saturday drill sessions every week as well as attend Vancouver Island Emergency Response Academy (On-line) within the first 6 months of your probation. As Firefighters you will be expected to complete NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 & 2 qualifications over the course of your employment, as well attend the Fire Academy and other accredited training institutions. During your probationary period, you will be required to attend a certain percentage of your training, meetings and emergency responses. These requirements are at their highest level during the probationary period and are gradually reduced after probation and with seniority.

Upon completion of probation, Firefighters will be required to fulfill stipend night shifts. Approximately 5-6 night shifts per month.


The benefits of being a volunteer are many. First and foremost is the self-satisfaction that you will get from helping others in time of their greatest need. Here are some of the highlights with other incentives in the works.

  • Self esteem & personal growth
  • Community involvement
  • Potential career path
  • Training & education in fire fighting, medical aid response, rescue and many other related activities
  • Social activities
  • Life insurance coverage
  • 24/7 on duty and off duty accident and injury coverage
  • Stipend night shift program

Application Process

  1. Upon receipt of your application for membership, it will be reviewed by the hiring committee and checked for eligibility
  2. The hiring committee will contact you to schedule an initial orientation session with other candidates. During the orientation you will learn more about the application process and what will be expected of you once you join. You will also have the opportunity to ask any additional questions.
  3. Following the orientation you will spend one day with other candidates performing physical and team tasks associated with Fire & Rescue operations.
  4. Candidates will be panel interviewed by Officers and members of the department.
  5. If you are successful, a recommendation will be forwarded to the Fire Chiefs office for review and endorsement.

For More Information

You may email your questions to:

How To Apply

You can download and print an application here or you can pick up an application at our station located at 333 Island Hwy. Applications must be hand delivered with all required documentation prior to advancement in the hiring process.


Applicants joining as firefighters are required train to NFPA 1001 standards. The training runs continuously throughout the year and there is no charge to the applicant. Applicants must complete the Departmental program within their probationary period. Transferring firefighters who have already completed or are currently registered with the a post secondary institution may not be required to retake their 1001 depending on endorsement or recommendation from your previous Fire Chief. In addition to this external training, probationary firefighters are required to attend a minimum number of department activities. All firefighters are trained for and respond to all types of emergencies and perform all of the tasks required. In order to maintain firefighter status, members must complete a series of required annual drills and emergency callouts. Firefighters will also be expected to respond to and attend to medical emergencies as required under the Provinces First Responder Program. All First Responder training is accredited through the Red Cross and licensed through EMA.