Fireworks and Safety Tips

Fireworks sales are now banned everywhere in the Capital Region, including all West Shore communities.  Discharges of consumer (“family fireworks”) are allowed only under permit on October 31 between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Call us for permit and annual Fireworks Safety Course information at (250) 479-7322

To Obtain a Permit: 

PERSONS WISHING TO HAVE A FIREWORKS EVENT and have taken the West Shore Fireworks Safety Course within the past three years (2019 or later) may obtain the permit from their Municipality (City Hall).  Please call ahead to ensure access to municipal offices:

  1. City of Langford, 877 Goldstream Avenue, (250) 478-7882
  2. City of Colwood, 3300 Wishart Road, (250) 478-5999
  3. Town of View Royal, 333 Island Highway, (250) 479-7322
  4. District of Highlands, 1980 Millstream Road, (250) 474-1773

PERSONS WISHING TO HAVE A FIREWORKS EVENT but have NOT taken the West Shore Fireworks Safety Course within the past three years (2021 or later) MUST FIRST COMPLETE the online West Shore Fireworks Safety Course –West Shore Residents ONLY.  Once the online West Shore Fireworks Safety Course has been completed and passed (minimum 10/12), a Fireworks Permit can be obtained from the persons respective Municipal Hall.

  • PERMITS MUST BE OBTAINED BEFORE 12:00 pm (NOON) ON OCTOBER 30, of the current year.
  • Everyone must have a permit to possess or discharge any fireworks;
  • Permits are issued only to persons 18 years of age and older; and
  • No fireworks or firecrackers may be sold or traded in these municipalities.

Consult the complete bylaw for full information – including permit costs and other requirements – before planning your event.  

PLEASE NOTE:  The issuance of fireworks permits will be contingent on current fire conditions.

Types of Permits:

  1. Consumer (family) and Display fireworks permit – Valid only on October 31st
  2. Pyrotechnic fireworks permit (Community Events)

Fireworks Safety Course: 

Completion of the Fireworks Safety Course is required for those wishing to obtain a consumer (family) fireworks permit. (Only Valid on October 31st of each year)  

  1. Click here for the Firework Application – Consumer and Display
  2. Click here for the Pyrotechnics Application.

Please note:  The certificate of completion for the Fireworks Safety Course is valid for three years. If you took the course in 2021 you are required to take it again.  If you took the course in 2021 or 2022 you may want to take it again to refresh your safety knowledge, but you do not need to repeat the course in order to apply for a permit. 

Visit the CRD Website for animal-related (dogs and horses) Halloween/fireworks tips.