Emergency Management

The View Royal Emergency Program is made up of Town staff and dedicated volunteers who serve their community in order to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies and disasters that may affect our municipality. The View Royal Emergency Program encompasses the following areas:

  • Emergency Support Services (ESS)
  • Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Programs (NEPP)
  • Emergency Radio Communication
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Emergency Preparedness Public Education
  • Staff and Volunteer Emergency Management Training

The Emergency Management staff maintain and manage emergency plans, emergency supplies and equipment, Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and Emergency Reception Centres. We coordinate and facilitate training for staff and volunteers and host emergency preparedness workshops for the public. We are active in regional initiatives and a member of the Local Government Emergency Program Coordinators Advisory Commission (LGEPCAC) and the Regional Emergency Program Advisory Committee (REPAC).

Our goals are:

  • to educate the public in regard to the hazards in our area and how to prepare for and respond to emergencies caused by these hazards in order to expedite recovery from emergencies and disasters;
  • to maintain current and relevant emergency plans for our municipality;
  • to prepare staff and volunteers to respond effectively to emergency and disasters through training and exercises;
  • to maintain adequate resources that will allow responders to sufficiently perform their duties and assist in the recovery process for local government, businesses and residents.

View Royal’s Emergency Program is a dynamic organization that is continually redefining itself in order to meet provincial mandates, compliancy with the British Columbia Emergency Management System (BCEMS), and the current needs of its residents, businesses and infrastructure. If you are interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program or volunteering with our Emergency Support Services Team or Emergency Communications Team, please contact the Emergency Program Officer by phone at 250-479-7322 or email emergencyprogram@viewroyal.ca