Hall Tours

Fire Station Tours are available to preschool and school groups. Tours are approximately 1 hour long and priority is given to groups from View Royal.          Tours consist of the following:

  • A Fire Safety Video
  • Man in the mask gear familiarization
  • A tour of the trucks/ equipment
  • Fire hose activity

To schedule a Tour please have a look through our Fire Station Tour Info Package.

Fire Safety Topics that we offer are as follows:

   Sparky’s ABC’s of Fire Safety

Help young learners navigate the alphabet soup of fire safety with this entertaining and enlightening video! Kids zoom off on an exciting journey with Sparky the Fire Dog® puppet where they soar into Letterland, a magical world where anything is possible! Sparky captivates young learners using a fun song that helps them remember what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. (preview)

Safety Smart about Fire

Get down, get out and stay out! That’s just one of the lessons Timon and Pumbaa share to help students understand what to do in a fire emergency. From smoke alarms, fire escape plans and preventative measures such as not playing with matches, Timon and Pumbaa review their Safety Smart® Checklist full of valuable and life-saving fire safety information. (preview)


RVFD The Fire Station

The “Fire Station” video is an introduction to the firefighter and the fire station. It establishes the firefighter as your friendly neighbour and the firehouse as a safe place to go in case of an emergency. (preview)

RVFD Fire Equipment

The “Fire Equipment” video allows children to see and understand that the specialized gear firefighters wear enable each to do their job better, and does not turn firefighters into someone children should fear. Typically in a fire situation small children tend to hide from fires and firefighters. The event of a fire is extremely scary and a firefighter dressed in fully bunker gear can be very intimidating to a child already traumatized by a fire in their home. This video helps children learn that inside all that gear is still a friendly, helpful firefighter. (preview)

RVFD Fire Trucks

The “Fire Truck” video introduces children to various types of firefighting vehicles. Children see that there are specially trained professionals that drive and operate each rig. Not only do they learn why there are so many types of rescue vehicles, but they also learn the special functions each vehicle provides for fighting fires. Children are taught to use caution and stay safe while outside whenever they hear or see emergency vehicles coning in their direction. They learn to stay from the road and to get off their bikes until the emergency vehicle safely pass.  (preview)



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