Emergency Radio Communications

During disasters and other serious emergency situations, when other systems fail, a proven reliable means of communication has been emergency radio communications.  Emergency radio is a public safety lifeline that assists within the community and links the community in crisis to where relief and support can be coordinated.

Our volunteer amateur radio operators are an integral part of View Royals Emergency Management Team.  They train weekly and regularly participate in emergency exercises and public events that prepare the team for any crisis situation that arises.

View Royal has three base stations: Town Hall, Fire Hall, and the Emergency Management Trailer.  We also have a mobile capability with portable base stations and handheld radios.  During a disaster, emergency radio volunteers would be deployed to our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), Receptions Centres, and to incident sites to assist emergency responders with additional communications capability.

Training and licensing is provided at no cost to volunteers!

If you are a View Royal resident who wishes to volunteer with the View Royal Emergency Radio Communications Team, please call  View Royal Emergency Management at 250-479-7322 or email emergencyprogram@viewroyal.ca



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