Emergency Support Service

Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a volunteer program supported by local authorities and the provincial government, whose mandate is to ensure the provision of immediate needs (food, shelter, clothing, and incidentals) for persons displaced from their homes after an emergency or disaster. In addition, our ESS Volunteers have become essential to delivering emergency preparedness education in our communities. They have established themselves as a fundamental component of our emergency management organization.  The team continually strives to improve and forward with initiatives that benefit the Fire Departments and Emergency Programs as well as their respective municipalities.

View Royal/Colwood ESS meet once a month, usually the last Wed of the month, at 7 pm, one month in Colwood, one in View Royal. Each meeting contains a component of training, as well as an update on ESS and emergency management issues.

Face to face training is provided for free to all members, generally on a Saturday, usually by a qualified Justice Institute instructor. When training in other disciplines (Food Safe, First Aid etc) we use qualified trainers as well.  The Justice Institute of BC offers on line courses for ESS members once you registered.

For more information or if you wish to register as a volunteer, please contact View Royal Emergency Management at 250-479-7322 or email emergencyprogram@viewroyal.ca

More Info regarding ESS and training:


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