Prevention & Administration

Prevention Division


View Royal’s Fire Prevention Division delivers fire and life safety education to the public through a wide variety of safety programs such as Learn Not to Burn, Smoke Alarm Program, and our Car Seat Education Program. The Division inspects commercial, residential and industrial occupancies to ensure compliance with municipal and provincial fire safety regulations and municipal bylaws; conducts fire cause and determination investigations; and reviews plans for new construction and conduct site inspections for fire and life safety systems prior to occupancy. The Fire Prevention Division also manages pre-fire plan development and data entry to support our Fire Department Management program.



The Fire Chief, Director of Public Safety, is responsible for the organization, administration and direction of fire and emergency management services, Building services, and Bylaw Enforcement for the Town of View Royal in accordance with policies and bylaws approved by municipal council. The Fire Chief oversees the application and enforcement of the Fire Services Act, along with related provincial and federal statutes, to support public safety.


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